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Improve product penetration, texture and appearance of your skin with Microneedling.

Originally developed as a scar therapy. Microneedling  is a skin rejuvenation treatment, it uses special needles to create thousands of micro lesions in the skin. These micro lesions allow topical products to penetrate easier and this controlled damage allows wound to heal slowly and correctly.



Microneedling aims to trigger wound healing and potentiate cell turnover. This increases elastin fiber formation, collagen and dermal thickness. It has also shown improvements in androgenic alopecia according to several studies.

Other skin improvements are:

Restored structural integrity

Elasticity and Texture

Thicker skin layers

Reduced appearance of pore size

Improved appearance of scars and stretch marks

Improved product penetration`

What does it do to the skin?

As the skin is punctured, blood vessels release plasma that sends blood platelets (white blood cells and endothelial cells), which release molecular messengers called Growth Factors and Cytokines (cells signaling molecules that aid cell to cell communication in immune responses and stimulate the movement of cells towards sires of inflammation, infection and trauma). This micro injury improves cell-to-cell communication and cell function. The damaged skin is replace with new skin that has improved structure and elasticity.

Price per treatment

$300 - Face


Package Offer

$750 for 3 Treatment !

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