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Body Sculpting

Experience non-surgical liposuction using the most powerful, safe, and effective medical grade machine on today's market.

We use Trusculpt iD machine for our Body sculpting service. It is the latest body sculpting technology that has clinically proven results for PERMANENT fat cell reduction. It's unique and personalized approach will shape, contour, and tighten your skin in multiple body areas of your choice in just 15 minutes!

Fat cells are slowly removed and excreted through the body naturally over a 12 - week process

How does it work?

Our truSculpt iD  machine uses Radiofrequency to perform a non-surgical way of body contouring.

While surgery can provide definitive results with body contouring, It is invasive, risky, and requires significant recovery time.

Radiofrequency (RF) devices provide a non-invasive, safe and effective means of body contouring, in which unwanted excess fat pockets or bulges are reduced or removed. The truSculpt iD® device is a monopolar RF system in which electric current flows between a single electrode and a grounding point. Up to six temperature-controlled handpieces maintain the skin surface temperature between 43°C and 44°C and allows for deep volumetric heating of the tissue without damaging the epidermis. We report on our findings to evaluate the safety and efficacy of individualized treatment with a novel hands-free configuration of the new truSculpt iD RF device for fat removal

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Price per treatment

$450    - Submentum (underchin/neck area)
$850    - 2 Applicators
$1600  - 4 Applicators
$2300 - 6 Applicators


Please contact us for questions about our applicators

$300 per applicator !

Limited Promotional Offer

We are partnered with CreditMedical to offer easy and flexible financing solutions for our patients.

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