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About Us

We'll take care of you

Leah V Skincare's goal each day is to continually learn and refine our approach to skin care, to become the most passionate skin care practitioners and provide you with high quality, safe, affordable, and honest treatment plans using one of the best medical grade machine in the industry.


We are a huge advocate for daily development of inner beauty. But we also believe that the outer part of us deserves our love and attention too. 
Each of us had a personal struggle with skin problems and our passion for skin care led us to this industry. We are fully certified medical estheticians, facial therapists, and laser technicians that are dedicated towards the improvement of our client's skin condition and self confidence.

Meet The Team

Leah Vergara

Founder || CEO || Medical Esthetician


Leah is certified and experienced working as a Practical Nurse in the Philippines. She had additional training and certification in Canada as a Medical Office Assistant. She worked for 5 years as a Doctor's Assistant and Clinic Manager, then 2 years as a Clinician and Marketing Manager for a  Calgary sleep clinic. She received her diploma and certificate as a Certified Clinical Esthetician from The Esthetics Institute in Calgary (December 2019). Has successfully treated more than 2000 satisfied patients since starting the business in December 2019. Leah has extensive experience performing esthetics treatments on her clients over the years and is still aiming to refine her skills with continuous service.

Clinic Locations

We have two locations in Calgary where we offer our services.

Our Partners

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